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this is for the clan members to chat and organise events!



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    Post  madmunster-admin on Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:08 pm

    Here are some things to help you with ranking up and the basics in the clan.

    Ranking up
    1. Recruit people

    2. Join in on discussions/talk activley in the clan

    3. Help the clan members out where possible (read rule one on "other members")

    4. Come to events as often as you can

    5. Host events

    Other members
    1. Some low-ranked members may scam you, generals are 100% trusted. I can assure you not one of our generals will scam you.

    2. Be friendly and keep your calm, especially around new recruits.

    3. Help them out, if somone asks a question don't ignore them.

    1. Only post appropriate stuff

    2. Spam in one post is allowed but don't post multiple posts saying the same thing(except in the games thread)

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